Looking at the MD3 models, it seems the skins used on various parts of body get packed up into a single file (normaly tga format) where they are laid side by side. At the load time the program reads this and cuts the images appropriately and use them as skins on the model.

My question is how do you make this image in the first place? I have looked around and for the life of me cant figure out what to use and what to do. Does anybody know what to do?


I remember reading a tutorial on www.dosfx.com that covered this. I believe it was talking about how to create a model for counter strike using Milkshape. But it covered creation of the texture pretty well. That may be of some help.

yes, here it is: http://www.dosfx.com/tutorials/csgirl/csgirl105.asp it’s referred to as unwrapping a model. Hope that helps some.

Great help :wink: , Following the link I also managed to find the tool and I play with it to see what it does. In the face of it it seems to do the task.