QA: Some questions about 2d gui

Hello everyone, can I use wacom tablet in jme3 2d gui?
And is there any way to show pdf?
Futhermore, does jme3 support chrome engine?

Thanks a lot!

Hello everyone, can I use wacom tablet in jme3 2d gui?
And is there any way to show pdf?

could you tell more what you need?

single JME gui images can be easly converted from Java image, but overall, by 2d gui what library you mean? because there are tons of libraries and if you talk about RAW 2d gui in JME, then it is composed of Quads that have texture rendered over them. Making PDF is possible, but you would need write custom code to generate one based on GUI. (Unless you gonna use Chrome engine like you asked)

I hope others will better understand how to answer your question.

Futhermore, does jme3 support chrome engine?

I seen people having Chrome engine working as GUI in JME games, so it is possible.
But not sure if there is any public lib for it.


I just want to make a pdf editor with wacom tablet in jme3 and chrome engine will make render makrdown easier. The text editor may be very complex because syntax highlighting and reminders.

Futhermore, I want to make a complex 3d open world editor(like Fortnite). :smile:

May I ask that is jme3 a good choice to implement these requirements?

JME is for “coders” mostly. We have SDK that help “click things” but most power in JME is coding section. So it all depends on u, if you like coding, then JME is great, since you can do anything here.

But if you would better like “clicking things” then Unity is best for this as i know.

A lot of games have open world, so idk why compare to Fortnite, when Stalker, Fallout, PUBG, etc etc, also have the same.

This is not a problem, in JME there are games with even “infinite worlds”. What need to care usually is “float precision” that might need care for very big worlds.

JME dont have build-in ECS, but you got Zay-ES and you can also use ANY other ECS library you like.

Myself i have own in-game editor for grid-based map, so i can expand it in ANY direction infinite times.(well, unless memory is not enough)

About graphics, its usually all about assets(exception can be Valheim that use ugly assets, but filters and water shader make it pretty anyway). Fortnite have very simple graphic in fact. But as example you can see some Sketchfab PBR/GLTF models and they look pretty in JME. Just need enable all needed filters, and other options.

Problem might be “effects” that are too simple in JME, but again, there are a lot of libs that help. I suggest Effekseer libs here, where Effekseer have nice tool to create effects.

So what might be problematic only is that you might want create custom editor(not SDK limited one - remember that SDK is open source, you can also copy-paste code too, like for terrain edit)

and since to mention, about terrain itself, you should use:

Back to the chrome, im not sure how people did integrate it with JME, i just say its possible because they did it. If you really need PDF, the Chrome engine is best way IMO.(since it support PDF itself)


GWT (Google Web-toolkit) is a GUI linking framework for java-web interactions allowing to write AJAX apps using java, i have seen libGDX using it for their web apps.

Jme3 is primarily a game engine, not a GUI engine generally, so to build a pdf editor you have to either use a web framework (electron, plain js/ajax apis) or a java gui framework (swing, jfx).

Further more, you could use mozilla or chrome pdf viewer api to embed your pdf viewer into your web app for example or javaFX (through webview component) :

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Thanks a lot everyone!


Note that JavaFX’s web browser is quite noticeably slow when used in an embedded JFX UI (like JFX in jME). For embedding Chromium (likely much more performant, though I’ve not tried it myself), most likely those who’ve done it were using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF):


Thanks a lot!