Quad moves, box does not

Another beginner question sorry.

Have started working on a level creator using Swing (using RenParticleEditor code as a template).

When I add a Quad and move it around my grid  by alerting the x,y and z coords  (using setLocationTranslation(…)) the Quad moves around the grid.

However when I create a Box and alter the x,y and z coords exactly the same way as the Quad it does not move (it is altering the coords as I checked using the getLocationTranslation but just doesnt move).

Is there anything fundamentally different to how a Quad and a Box get rendered to the display (or most likely some wierd bug in my code). Am not extending SimpleGame of course so maybe just missing 1 line of code to fix…



Make sure you call updateGeometricState on the Node the Box is attachted to. (like SimpleGame does for rootNode).

Thnx for your quick reply.

Unf didnt work tho… I tried rootNode.updateGeometricState(0, true); and had no effect… At any rate the Quad and the Box are attached to the same node so this probably isnt the problem, otherwise the quad would not move.  Will keep on plodding away with this, a bit annoying as have come to a standstill… Will maybe create a stripped down versison and post the code if no other ideas.


Apologies,  ignore this post… Dodgy late-night coding, was moving a different reference of my Box instance… Doh