Quad rendered as lines

When I add a Quad created like

mesh = new Quad(width, height);

in my scene, it shows ok on my nvidia machine. On another machine with an intel card, the quad is rendered as 3 lines, looking like a “Z”.

Looking at Quad.java, I see:

public void updateGeometry(float width, float height){


updateGeometry(width, height, false);


and when I comment the setMode(Mode.Lines), the machine with the intel card shows the Quad as I would expect, like the nvidia machine.

if I create my quad like

mesh = new Quad(width, height, false);

it renders ok on both machines.

I don’t understand the inners of jme, but this setMode to lines inside the Quad class sounded weird to me… so my question is, is it a bug or a feature? :slight_smile:

Seems like a “setMode(Mode.Lines)” for Quad was somehow sneaked in to jME3, it is fixed now.

Cool, thanks.

It also had nothing to do with video cards, I actually had different jme3 revisions on the machines…