Quaternion.lookAt paramers reversed?

I used to have code which did

Quaternion rot = mainNode.getLocalRotation();
vect.z = 0;
rot.lookAt(vect, new Vector3f(0,0,1));

(Yes, up vector is pos-z in my case). Vect was movement direction, made parallel to the ground (.z = 0).

After running with latest svn jme, it started behaving crazy. After some trial and error, it turned out that
rot.lookAt(new Vector3f(0,0,1), vect);
works properly and exactly as it old code used to work in the past.

Am I getting crazy? Or something has changed elsewhere which has this funny effect?

The quaternion class only had javadoc fixes since a long time. Not sure what could cause this.
That’s really strange, maybe you’re overlooking something else.
On what revision were you running this before?

I looked into Quaternion changes as well and found nothing - this is why I’m so puzzled.

Code used to work 2 years ago. Maybe I’m confused and I changed something independent since then and not tested this particular path. All the rest looks to work ok, so probably just found bit of mostly dead code.

Sorry for the noise, I won’t bother again till I find something more definitive on this case.

No problem.

Are you back on your board game project?
I used your nwn model loader for a personal project, it works great. I made some changes on it so models can be batched and that gave a nice boost on desktop, if you’re interested.

Yes, I’m playing with it again - probably won’t have enough time to move it to usable state, but maybe enough that it could be run by other people in current state. And somewhere in back of my head there is a small imp trying to argue that buying Oculus Rift would be a great idea :wink:

Anyway, please do send the changes you have made. On my side, I have managed to get untangle NWN dds format, so it won’t be necessary to convert textures to tga anymore. I will also try to get rid of Metallic.j3me and use default Lighting.j3me - I think that current version should already support everything which is needed.