Quats and Rotations

Hey guys,

To further assist in squeezing performance out of jME, and to prevent a possible gimble lock problem (may or not be a problem in the current code, just guessing) I’ve discussed with Mojo moving our internal rotation field from Matrix3f to Quaternion. All the existing interface will remain, with a few additions. Any objections?

No, do it! :slight_smile:

Good job, Renanse. Looks like I also got about an extra 25 FPS in the Particle System test.

BTW I fixed the problem with the StringBuffer append (that was happening in only 1.5)

Apparently, in 1.5 you can no longer do:


you have to do:




Why they changes this, I don’t know, but they did and that fixed it.

this project is slowly becoming the same as linux. 100 million things happening in the space of an hour! :slight_smile: