i am writing a game like crash bandicot cart racing, when I hit the trouble of managing when the animations start and end and queing the moves.

Is there a way in which we can setup a controller to know when the animation has finished and to execute the next animation?

Sure we can do that. Do you want to tackle it? If not, I will, just not sure when I can get to it.

il do the controller bit, i just need a little addition to the md2 loader.

is it possible to add a byte, 0 being startingAnimation, 1 being playing, and 2 finished?

or do you want the user to set the time?

Models don’t know anything about their animation. The controllers handle that. So, MD2 uses VertexKeyframeController. This holds the keyframes.

MD2 has the utility for keyframes: MD2KeyframeSelector.

See if those do what you want, if not we can modify one (probably MD2KeyframeSelector).

il get right on that after the particle system line stuff.