Question about CloneCreator

Hello everybody,

I have made a clone of a scene with some nodes and it seems to me that the cloned scene does not keep culling information :

in the original scene i have node with setForceCull(true); and i can't see them but in the clone i can see them !

is it a correct behaviour or did i miss something ?

thanks for help,

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Looking at the code: CloneCreator copies the structure of the scenegraph and the geometries only.

The question is, if it's desired. As many other things are not copied I think, at least, it was.

Well, for me culling / not culling some node is part of the geometry, so it would be cool if this information is cloned too…

But perhaps it's more simple to make a new class which heritate clonecreator and which can copy the forceCulling information…

Is it the solution or clonecreator will have this feature in a next release ?