Question about culling


I’m starting to use JME and I have a question. I have a model (.obj) imported and a camera focusing it. I want to obtain a new spatial with the polygons of the model that the camera is currently seeing. I don’t know if this could be done but I was thinking that maybe subtracting the polygons that are culled to the model could work. How could I do that in JME?


Not sure to understand, but you want to duplicate a spatial, right?

use clone() method of the spatial.

But I don’t want to duplicate all the spatial, I want to duplicate only the polygons of the spatial that are currently beeing rendered. Imagine a box and I’m looking at a side, I want a new spatial formed only by the side I’m looking at. I want to remove all the polygons that are beeing culled.

I need this to compare what are two cameras showing, and being able to count the pixels or polygons of a spatial that are shown by both of the cameras. For example, camera1 and camera2 are showing the same 200 polygons of the spatial (and the spatial has 1000).