Question about Flat Menu

Hello everybody!

I'm writting a 3D game based on Lession 7 in jmetest.flagrushtut. Now I want to add one flat menu into game and it's always on top of screen. But I don't know what I must do … so pls some body could show me how to creat and add it. Thankx a lot!

take a look at JMEDesktop, should do what you want

also check out TestGameStateSystem, it draws flat on the screen w/o JMEDesktop

:slight_smile: thank for your help! I know about JMEDesktop but I want to create a flat menu( such as a frame with one button) then put it right at the top of the monitor, with whatever camera view. In this case what I have to do? :’(

Ps: I’m a newbie so could U give some demo source code.