Question about jmonkey licence

currently im using jmonkey to develop a videogame with my friends.

so, today i installed the last sdk version, and i notice in the licence there are ot licences.

i want to sell my videogame on stores like desura and steam, but i disorientated, i dont understand some licences, there are restrictions to sell my videogame?, if so, what are they?

or maybe i cant sell it.

sorry for my bad english.

Which license concerns you? The JME license itself is just about as liberal a license as it gets (BSD-based).

im refer to licences in the installer. there are lot licences and names of people in this.

i forgot take a screenshot of this window.

The SDK uses a lot of licenses as it does a lot of stuff.

That doesn’t affect things made using the SDK though. For that you just need to look at the license in those libraries.