Question about jMP compile and Nifty Gui

Hello monkeys.

I noticed this when creating a windows app from jMP. When run from the distro build the Nifty Gui doesn’t appear in the app.

But the Gui renders when running through a jMP.

Am I missing something?

Uhm, i dont know, you say this happens with the exe? Double-clicking the jar in the same build works?

Result from double clicking Dist jar file, or win exe:

Result from right click and Run from within jMP:

Are you sure your UI files are in the assets directory?

My asset dir for the project is like this concerning the Gui:



| testFont.fnt




| trans_1.png


xml files here

So anything Im using for the gui, is in the Project Assets Interface dir.

Hm, what happens when you use the default font?

Just setting the default to : verdana-24-shadow.fnt

Produces nothing. same as a jar run.

I forgot to add that my Interface Font dir also includes the .png file for the .fnt file as well.

But when setting the font back to: Interface/fonts/testFont.fnt

In the xml works fine with my custom font.

[Edit] Meaning, the jar / win exe still have the issues, but the run from within jMP renders correctly.

Just checking back to see if this is might be some issue on my part? I’m not seeing how a custom font alone could be causing this. Is there some log file I might be able to produce more info on this issue?


Here is a link to the Project file concerning the UI:

Zip here

For more info on this project see this: