Question about memory limit

Hello everybody,

I actually study some solutions of 3d engine.

I had never thought about java 3d engine, but now, I think that an engine like jMonkey seems to be a powerfully solutions for realtime in 3d.

However, I'm little afraid of the JVM

Just include a batch file or shell script with your application that includes the parameters. There's also many programs for creating an executable that starts your Java program.

Or better yet, make your app a webstart application! The user won't even have to do go through the installation process.

Thank you for you're quick answer llama.

Il will try it !

thanks again :slight_smile:

You can also specify memory usages in the jnlp if you use webstart. Applet is where it gets a bit scary, as that requires the user to adjust the settings for the browser applet on client side.

Okay, I will put it in a JNLP. In fact, that is easy ^^

Thanks for all.

I like to use JExePack from Duckware as that allows you to fairly easily make an exe file that has all the memory configurations set to it. I believe it’s pretty much free for non-commercial use (contains a nag window or something when program runs). JNLP is free and very cool but I’ve had a lot of trouble with it in the past so hopefully those issues are resolved, some of the automatic update stuff is very cool if too, just postin an alternative.

I'm back with my memory question :confused:

In fact, I want to put my application in a webbrowser… Actually, I should be use an applet… But the java memory limit prevent me to use applet…

So is there another method to put it in a webbrower into an HTML interface ?

@DanK, give JSmooth a try…it's pretty similar, but open-source and really easy to use.

@Ohms, Is there any particular reason you want to put it into the browser?  You're just creating more of a headache dealing with that sandbox. Applets are problematic at best. Honestly I'm not a big fan of WebStart either as it can be similarly buggy with the use of signed jars, but still a much better option than applets IMHO.

i didn't have the time to try it out yet, but maybe this is worth a look:


@darkfrog: when trying those deployment apps out, i liked launch4j better. is there any reason why you prefer jsmooth ?

In fact,

I reflect to replace an application using another Engine, with JMonkey. My application was completely integrated in

Interesting…I've never used Launch4j, does it actually provide an installer with it?  I'm going to take a look at this…it seems very nice.

Getdown is pretty nice except it launches in an applet. Kinda cool, but a little strange for people expecting an executable application.

darkfrog said:

Interesting...I've never used Launch4j, does it actually provide an installer with it?  I'm going to take a look at seems very nice.

are you asking if you can install launch4j or if you can create an installer with launch4j? (launch4j comes with an installer: you can install it)

I was asking about whether it includes an installer generator with it.  After spending some time with it, I've determined it's extremely similar to JSmooth but they each have their own cool features that the other doesn't provide.

I'm in the process of writing a simple application on par with these tools but as an installer system.  It has a single JAR that it packages an XML settings file into and generates a launcher (using JSmooth but considering switching to launch4j) that is less than 100k that references downloadable files that make up the installation and prompts you for installation location, license agreement, etc. and generates launchables that auto-update the application every time it is launched from those installation URLs.  I'll make another post when this is working.

then you might want to take a look at izpack: WHAT IS MIKROTIK AND HOW TO MAKE IT FUNCTION IN JUDI BOLA? -

i didn't use it yet, but it surely looks very good.

I've used that one and many others and have still yet to find anything that does a very good job.

darkfrog said:

I've used that one and many others and have still yet to find anything that does a very good job.

i'd be interested to hear about the problems you had with izpack as i didn't had the chance/time yet to use it.

Ohms said:

What you say make me better understand what open another window to play to his 3D game.

it wouldn't make sense to run bang howdy in the browser as it has quite a bit of content which the user would have to download every time (and the server to serve).
i suppose that if you want to integrate your game entirely in the browser, you will have to use a lot of procedural generated content. imho the browser is a really small place for a game to live :)