Question about mesh


im new to jmonkey and i guess this question is kinda stupid for u but i hope someone can help me by the creation of my mesh.

…7 ______ 1

…/ … / |

2 /______ /… |

…|…|…| 6

…| …|… /

5|______|/ 3

i want to create an object that looks like a cube, but has the part between point 1, 2 and 3 cutten out so that there is a

triangle between 7,2,1 and 1,2,3. i know the tutorial about custom meshes so the problem is not how to create a mesh but:

1: is there an other way to create the bottom side of the object instead of creating 2 triangels for it? in a later part of my project

i want to look at a side of the object and highlight it like in minecraft for example.

2: is there a way to give the bottom an other texture than the triangle between 7,2,1 and 1,2,3?

how is this implemented or is there perhaps a code example i can look at? thx for the help and sry for bad english

  1. All visible faces in OpenGL are made of triangles, so no.
  2. You would create a large texture with the different parts on it, then specify the texture coordinates in the mesh (UV mapping)