Question about NativeLibraryLoader.loadNativeLibrary

I’m having problems running the first tutorial, blue cube, due to the System.load() on a dll. this is being block by group policy settings. OpenAL64.dll is trying to be loaded which is making my machine unable to run the tutorial. Is there a way to skip the audio renderer check that is directing this action or is there a different kind of work around that doesn’t involve changing security settings?

You will have to change the security settings because jME will always need native libraries to do pretty much everything it does.

Is there a way to disable the audiorender and make no sound, similar to a permanent mute?

Yeah, set a NullRenderer for the audio.

Where or how does that get set? Still trying to learn the framework.

In the AppSettings

That won’t help you because after that, jme will be loading lwjgl.dll and then bulletjme.dll etc pp

Yes, but I guess they wish to proceed anyway. I’m tempted to provide a sample program that doesn’t require DLLs. :slight_smile:

I guess maybe they hope the problem is audio library specific.

Running jme in headless mode could do the trick, apart from maybe bullet, but that’s not used in the blue cube sample actually. But again, won’t work there