Question About Scenes?

I made a j3o file, and placed multiple other j3o files inside it.
How can I find these files? I’ve looked through the tutorials and can’t find them.
I tried using the getChild method on the loaded scene, but had no luck.
When I place a model in the scene, how can I find it? According to the Scene Composer, it is called World1 with Extension j3o.
map = (Node)assetManager.loadModel(“Scenes/World1.j3o”);
Node terrain = new Node();
terrain = (Node) map.getChild(“World1.j3o”);

That code doesn’t work. Any ideas?

terrain = (Node) map.getChild(“World1”);

.j3o is the filename, getChild is getting a child from the scenegraph. Maybe you should re-read the tutorials as there seem to be some severe misunderstandings on your side.
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That gave me an error saying “Supplied Spatial Must Be Node Or Geometry!”

So, here is what I did.
My Scene is called World1.j3o

I put another j3o file, also called World1, into it. That file was built off a mesh.xml
And another piece of geometry, called “Flag.j3o” was put into it.

My game works 100%, the problem is I am trying to make maps out of scenes, so that I can have preset spawn, and finish points (it’s an obstacle course)
So, when I add a j3o file into another, it becomes a node, put inside it. So, what are the nodes named when I put them inside? Whatever the j3o is called? (without extension)?

Edit: My files are name.mesh.j3o
When I used getChild(“Flag”) for my flag, it told me I couldn’t cast geometry to a node.
So I need to convert it…?

Figured it out. Very nice scene editor in jmonkey I’ve gotta say.
Only thing I dislike is how both scrollwheel directions zoom out. Maybe make the + and - keys also do that, as a workaround for the unsupported mouse drivers.