Question about SDK 3.3.0 scene editor and animation system

Hi, everyone.

When I use SDK 3.3.0, I find that the new animation system does not seem to be able to view the animation directly like the old version in the SDK editor? Or not yet?

In addition, it seems that SDK 3.3.0 is based on NetBeans 11. It seems that the bin splitting rate in the editor’s 3D view is very low. You can see the super many sawtooth meshes and models. I hope someone can take the time to answer my questions. Thank you.

SDK 3.2.4’s 3D window editor doesn’t seem to have so many grid aliases, and the overall font size is smaller than NetBeans 11. I guess SDK 3.3.0 seems to be due to the upgrade to NetBeans 11.

The new animation system support in the SDK is in the works. It does exist on the master branch but not on any released version yet.

Bin splitting rate? You mean the FPS is low? That the view is slower in the newer SDK?

Thank you for your answer. My English is not good. :rofl: I mean the 3D editor’s viewport resolution looks lower than the old one.