Question about setSolidColor

Hello everybody,

It seems i have the same problem of this topic with my Nvidia 6800

in my hud  have a quad with a gray texture and  i’m using setSolidColor to make it red, blue or green (depends of the selected object status) and when i’m doing this, i’ve got another object of the scene (in another scenegraph) which become red too !

Any idea to find where’s my problem ?

Thanks in advance for clue or solutions…



Do the nodes, which turn red while they should not, have a material state (or one of their parents)? If no, set a material state for your gui root node.

Or do you use shared meshes?

(As far as I understood the colors from a mesh are combined with the material state - please correct me if they have nothing to do with each other)

Oh yes, i think you're right  :), i will try this (the node have no material for the moment)