Question about terrain and collisions

Hello, a few questions, just a discussion of performance, and some of the jME demos.

I have run the TerrainTestCollision, and TestWalkingChar. Even though I don’t understand all the code atm. I’m still curious as to what would be considered the best way to go about wrapping a character in a sphere / capsule, and either using a ray for the sphere or jBullet physics. I understand also that jME is in alpha, and love the experience of the working demos, but for handling a character vs. the terrain I guess i’m just curious as to what is a good way to do it? Or is there more development planned? I try to read the forums often, Ok i’m addicted to the jME forums! but I also miss things from time to time :slight_smile:

And I’m also new to most types of collision handling, It was normally something I couldn’t consider doing on my own in past experiences with various Ogl / xna development tools in the past.

Thanks for any input on this question.

Well bullet provides full physics support, so if you want that later its probably a good idea to use that. The other basic and most used solution to terrain following is ray picking downwards to know where the floor is and moving the character Geometry accordingly.

So is there a solution in the middle, like a combination to using a ray for a terrain, and Bullet for Mesh geometry? I’m also just speculating, as I haven’t had the time to really practice either :frowning: , But I tend to read a lot, and mainly trying to piece things together :slight_smile: .


Also like to add where I’ve seen some examples in the past where one can also create a further away parameter sphere just to check for possible incoming collisions before actually attempting to resolve any collision calculations. But as I’ve said, most of this is really new to me in terms of making anything work.

Well you basically double the collision data when you use both because its two different systems. Bullet also has a PhysicsSpace.rayTest() method for ray checking, but its unchecked.

Thanks normen! Been trying out some of the Bullet character physics, seems to be working nicely :slight_smile:

Now to try and add a mesh object :slight_smile:

I have another question about bullet physics with terrain and MeshCollisionShape.

I have made a small house structure a MeshCollisionShape, and it also intersects through the terrain which is using the HeightFiledCollisionShape. Is there any issues with these objects intersecting? or could one of the objects be removed somehow from one another collision space?

Everything seems to be working well, was just curious about this.