Question about the loading process of assetManager

I am libgdx user.
When using assetManager in libgdx, it took time to read the resource.
I understood it to be the first loading screen normally shown in games.

For example,

in libgdx.

assetManager.load(“model/sglass.g3dj”, Model.class);

// show loadingScreen with progress bar
if (assetManager.getProgress() == 100%) goto MainScreen;

It will take some time to get the resources, and this looks natural.

However, this process is not visible in jmonkey. There is no instruction in the tutorial. Is program just stopping for that time? Should I personally use threads?

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Assets are loaded on the main thread and will cause it to “stop” while it loads. It is however threadsafe, so you can load an asset in another thread.

There is no progress however. It will just continue once it’s loaded.

The scene graph is not thread safe though. So once your asset is loaded it must be attached in the main thread. Using futures or app.enque are options.

Thank you for your reply!