Question about the new Animation System part 4

Hi there, Can i simplify this snippet ? :

to this one :

private void getTimeFactorPerAction(){
        for (int i = 0; i < this.actions.length; i++) {
            //get the action duration.
            final double actionLength = this.actions[i].getLength();
            if (actionLength > 0 && getLength() > 0) {
                //get the timeFactor(timeScale) of the inscribed action with respect to its parent Action.
                this.timeFactor[i] = actionLength / getLength();
                //assign a default value if durations are negative
                this.timeFactor[i] = 1;

Would that be cleaner or would it likely lead to side effects ?

Why i did this :
Since timeFactor is a fraction of inscribedActionLength / sampleAction, then mathematically if they are equal then the result is one, no need to hardly code it, otherwise if the duration is -ve we may skip calculations & hard code it, (but we can also use negative values only if both are negative, anyway the idea of negative duration is silly, it’s better handled.)