Question about transforming a geometry

Let’s say I have a Box object, and it has equal depth and width, and a small height (so it’s like a plane, but thicker).

Now let’s say I want to take that Box and transform it into something more complex… like say to Box objects that are at some angle relative to the ground, but meet in the middle.

Hopefully this image will explain:

Now, I can do the math that will make two Box objects and translate/rotate them to achieve the result, but I’m kind of new to all of this and was wondering if there is an obvious path I should take given that I’m using jme3.

Thanks for any advice!

  1. why dont you use blender to create the model.
  2. i dont thing you can achieve that effect with transformations (rotation / translation/ scale) . you have to getMesh(); and modify its vertex to set each vertex position manually, see custom mesh tutorial.