Question about translating / positioning a RigidBody

Hello Monkeys.

I’ve been trying to setLocalTranslation of a spatial with a RigidbodyControl, But whenever I set the translation via the spatial, the physics doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve also tried to use setPhysicsLocation with a Rigid body node with the spatial, but the object doesn’t move to the location.

It’s a bit unclear how I should set the location of a static rigid body, thanks for any input!

spatial.getControl(RigidBodyControl.class).setPhysicsLocation(newLocation); should work, are you sure you don’t use the empty constructor?

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Thanks normen, works great now!

Here is a sample of setting the translation of a static object with rigid body.


skinnyTree = assetManager.loadModel("Models/Foliage/GameTreeSkinny_1.j3o");

// creates a MeshCollisionShape automatically, based on mass=0

skinnyTree.addControl(new RigidBodyControl(0));

skinnyTree.getControl(RigidBodyControl.class).setPhysicsLocation(new Vector3f(-24.0f, 2.8f, -30.0f));

// finds the attached control and adds it to the PhysicsSpace, adding the control itself would work as well




Edit: added a missed line.

In the code above, haven’t you forgotten to attach treePhysicsNode to skinnyTree somehow ?

abies said:
In the code above, haven't you forgotten to attach treePhysicsNode to skinnyTree somehow ?

Edited the above post. overlooked a piece :)

Edited the above post to make it even less code :wink: