Question about transparent objects

See this image:

Note that the dark gray cube is transparent (alpha = 0.8). Just wondering what I have to do so that inside of the side and back faces show? So it’s like I’m looking through a cube (those faces aren’t being rendered)?


Try set the face cull mode.

You will probably be disappointed with face cull mode since from random directions the back faces will disappear.

The only way to reliable get a double sided transparent cube to render correctly is to create an inside box and an outside box and to make sure the inside is always rendered first. 99.9% sure that in JME that just means that the inside geometry must be attached to the parent before the outside geometry.

Theoretically, you could also do it with one mesh if the inside faces are defined before the outside ones… this would be the best of all but may require hand-rolling your mesh… which you’d probably have to do anyway to get the inside mesh.