Question about viewPorts and stuff

Is it possible to have two different scenes and change between them? for example if you had a player and the player right clicked on a object i want the player to be loaded into a different scene like the inside of a spaceship or something? i don’t know if i explained my question very well sorry if i didn’t.

Its not clear what you mean.
But its possible to render two cameras, I am doing this in my current game using RenderToTexture.
Look at my last posts, or look at the example rendertotexture.

Yes. Load a different scene. Attach the new scene. Detach the old scene.

Yes. One idea is using AppState for each scene, and attach/dettach them to/from your game.

How would i go about setting that up?

can you point me to a tutorial on how to load scenes, unload scenes and make new scenes?

Maybe this helps you. I think the scenes you are asking for are represented by appStates in jMonkey.

EDIT: Here a link how to use multiple cameras.

thank you.

You should really do all of the tutorials. You can find them under the wiki link at the very top of this page.

They will answer your next 100 questions, too.