Question about wheels and terrain penetration

I’ll look into the options for the wheels in the scene editor, thanks for taking a look :slight_smile: Btw, the models that were created with the vehicle creator are in the Scene directory.

[Edit] This page mentions Convex cast Vehicle. Sounds interesting.

Quick question about the use of CcdSweptSphereRadius, and CcdMotionThreshold. Would either of these settings have an effect on the vehicleWheels?

I’m continuing to work on tweaking the suspension settings thanks to @normen advice.

Once I can get something going in a more stable state, i’ll post it here. :slight_smile:

The ccd settings only apply to the vehicle hull.

Uploaded a new test vid, things are working out better, have made a bit of changes with the vehicle controls as well as acceleration. Thanks to the max speed control :slight_smile: I tried to make it a full lap, but can’t since free version of fraps only allows for small vid captures at a time :frowning: it’s a little splicey buy im not a video editor heh. Still have the strange issue with the UI not showing up on builds, not sure why.

link: Video

Here is an updated project on the Truck, Includes more modified controls, and better overall handling: :slight_smile:

Zip Here

I’ll also link this project in my UI post, since it also includes the basic Nifty Gui settings.