Question regarding ellipsoid worlds and large terrains

Hello, I was wondering what the status of support for ellipsoid worlds and large terrains. I’m currently evaluating JMonkey, and the project I am working with requires planetary rendering. I found this post on the forum from about 7 months ago, however I am not sure what the current status of ellipsoid/oblate spheroid terrain in TerraMonkey is.



Topic in question:

JME terrain is flat. However you can import planet models from blender or write your own mesh. Others have created some planet sphere, but not necessarily for accurate representation of an actual planet.

Large terrains are supported with TerrainGrid.

Alright, thanks for the heads up, I guess I’ll have to evaluate possible options. Just out of curiosity however, would something such as support for various projections (for example flat terrain or ellipsoid terrain as a switchable option) be a feature that would be welcome in TerraMonkey core?

Projections would be welcome in Terra monkey. However there will probably have to be a different base terrain structure. TerrainQuad is built to be fast for physics/collision, picking, and rendering. As such it is an axis-aligned heightfield, which limits the ability to reproject it.

There is a mercator chart tool for jme that you can read about here, if it helps you in any way.

Alright, I’ll be looking in to developing it soon. I’ll have to balance it between school work and real life, however I figure for the project I’m working with, it’s going to be required for key functionality.