Question regarding graphics adapter being sluggish

I recently joined a group that was using jme for their display graphics.  However, after some testing I found things were running very slow with many objects on screen.  (Sub 2fps with 20-30 objects.)

To test and see if something was wrong since the jme tests I looked at all ran very fast, I loaded and displayed those objects in some of the JME test code (testQuadWater specifically) and found I was able to render over 100  of the same objects while the FPS stayed well over 100.

Curious as to why their system, which was also using jme was running so slowly, I figured perhaps it wasn't using the 3d card.  I then ran this line in both the simple pass game (from TestQuadWater) and their display system.

         System.out.println("*Adapter = " + DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().getAdapter());

The TestQuadWater printed:
*Adapter = Nvidia GeForce 9800GT
Which is clearly using the 3d card.

Their system printed:
*Adapter = null
Which makes no sense to me.  How is it even drawing without a display adapter?

getDisplayRenderer() had the same results.

I think this is possibly the root of the problem, but cannot find any solutions through the search feature on the forums.  I'd like to figure out why their system isn't using the 3d accelerator card as well as why the adapter is returning as null.

Thanks for any help.

LWJGL (the display library jme uses) forces use of hardware when creating the display, unless explicitly specified by the application.  So, it is not likely that their system are running without 3d accelerator. The adapter returning null might be simply that their driver doesn't provide this information (this depends on the operating system, opengl implementation, etc).