Question regarding SceneElement Type


I have a question it is not a problem but I am a little confused.

When I import a jME file and load the model I had a look at the things in there and my Model is behind several Nodes but when I have the geometry and cast it it Node and use getType it returns 14.

14 is not mentioned in SceneElement.

Does it mean 1 for Node and 4 for TriMesh?


I debuged it and the Element which returns 14 is a SharedMesh am I misunderstanding something but shouldn't sharedMesh should return 8?

The values are bitfields… so each individual bit means it is something (eg. it's a scene-element, and a trimish and a terrainblock). The vlaues in scene element tell you which bit to look at.

ohh ok now this is easy to understand is this discribed some where and I was again too blind to see?