Question regarding xsd file

Hey there folks!

I have trouble finding an xsd file.
Just to make it clear from the beginning, I’m not searching for the Nifty xsd file! I found that one!
This is regarding the XMLImporter.
I have to do a simple project:
Build a scene graph and save and load different 3D objects into it. I want to do the saving and loading via the XMLImporter and XMLExporter and just for general purpose I need the xsd file.
Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot for taking your time!

These use dynamic save/load based on runtime implementation so the “xsd” would be dependent on the classes that are saved/loaded.

ie: you will probably not find an xsd and if you did then it wouldn’t be complete (because that’s impossible).

Makes sense!


At a more basic level… do you need to use XML? JME’s binary serialization format (j3o) has many advantages. If you don’t absolutely need XML, I would suggest using the default binary format.

for general purpose I need the xsd file.

Do you really need Schema Definition?

If i understand correctly you just want verify(Validate) if saved “xml” files are correct with Scheme?

Im not familiar with XMLImporter and XMLExporter. But if its really not possible there, you can always use custom loader: “implements AssetLoader {” where you can do own XML Import/Export if you need.(not based on classes, but something else - for example ECS System)
Then you can easly use AssetManager to load it as Scene Node or any other Object from XML.

i dont see why it would not be possible(i dont know result of XMLImporter/XMLExporter files, but even there should be possible), you just need validate your xml files with Scheme.(each variation should be possible to be described with Scheme)

I get what you mean. Thing is, this is not something I chose, but something the project manager wants. I myself know not much about XML, but if they want it, I’ll use it…

Thanks a lot! I’ll look into this!
For me the XMLImporter and Exporter are a little tricky, but I think I’ll figure them out!
I’ll research a little more about the AssetLoader, maybe I can get an idea how to work with it!
Thanks again!