Question Terrains. jMP vs Image editor. [Solved-user error]

Is there a difference between using the jMP terrain editor vs. Building the terrains manually in an image editor?

I’ve only briefly tested the built in jMP terrain editor tools. And at the moment the rendering with normal maps seem to produce odd black fragment holes in the renderings. Also it seems as if the normal map assigned to one texture, also covers the terrain entirely?

Screen shot:

Also the bit up the hill in the background isn’t assigned any normal map, but there does seem to be some normal map influence on the area from the green grassy area normal mapping.

Also was curious if the painted image maps are vertex based for positioning from within the editor? As in this screen shot, can see a tiling type scheme in the more green areas.

Screen shot:

The normal map was made with the gimp normal map plugin.

Yes, the terrain uses a completely different multi-texture material, a modifiable height map as base data instead of a mesh and for physics it also uses the more efficient height map. You can scale the textures using the editor.

Unless a bug was recently introduced to the material or editor (I haven’t changed it in a while), the way it operates is exactly how it does in code: uses the same material. If you specify a normal map on the second texture it should not appear on the texture below (texture 0). So if you are seeing that, then something broke recently somewhere. And can you confirm if that also happens with generating the terrain from code?

(my dev environment and machine are in a broken state right now so I can’t test right away)

The painted images are based on the vertices, where the far left vertex is at position zero, and the far right vertex is at position 1. It then uses the scale to tile the image (one of the fields in the texture table). Certain textures are more visible with the tiling that others.

hmm, maybe I am misunderstanding your question. What do you mean by “Building the terrains manually in an image editor?”

I’ll have to work on modifying my older terrain model code before I can test this in code only. Seems a few things have been updated since I last had my hands on jME. previously this same test project was something I put together just to practice jME code while building some sort of testing / playing around environment. Previously before the editor in jME I had made the terrain maps in an image editor.

I’ll get back to this soon as I can. been having some boot loader issues on my main workstation…

I made a new terrain, and everything seems to be working great! I probably made a mistake somewhere during the terrain creation process! :slight_smile: Thanks for this nice tool Sploreg!

It could have been some of the internal changes to terrain between when you created your terrain originally and now, that caused the issues you saw.

Glad it is working better for you :slight_smile: