Question to pspeed about his bit stream class

@pspeed I know there are some static variables in the ethereal code. I was wondering if you ever ran EtherealHost instances at the same time in a game and would they step on each other?

EDIT: Never mind … I looked through the code and the answer is yes you can.

Phew… good to know. :slight_smile:

Planned it that way but it’s always nice to know for sure. I guess you just have to give them different channels to avoid their messages stomping on each other.

Yup. After spending more time thinking about all the enhancements I wanted to add to your code I realized that multiple instances of EtherealHost actually allows all my wanted features to be realized out of the box.

That’s always good… I did design it that way. As said, I need it for Mythruna also. Despite your comments to the contrary, it’s the same thing just on a smaller scale.

Regular objects are on a 32x32x32 3D grid. They will never be more than 1.5 meters wide or so and only the neighboring zones will be rendered.

However, I will also have air ships… and the will be up to 64+ meters long in some cases. They will require a completely separate grid size with all of the same issues that you mention as to float resolution and so on. Also this grid extent will have to be larger because you’ll need to be able to see the airships 100s of meters away.

So I’m glad to know that it works.

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