Questions about jME

Just been pointed at this scenegraph, and thought I would take a look, I’m dense and lazy, so I didn’t find the answers quickly to a couple of questions :slight_smile:

  1. apart from looking at the demo source, is there anywhere that is a ‘how to use this thing’ document? :), the wiki docs seem to stop at that chapter.

  2. does it work on windows, mac and linux, I know it sits on lwjgl, but that has ‘issues’ on the mac as I understand it. Does the mentioned jOGL binding work yet?

  3. can I do volumetric fog, nothing else I’ve played with can, but everything else I want to use it looks like I can do, and this is the one last toy I long for :slight_smile:



    (yes, me from JGO :))

    Edit: changed the topic title to something related to the topic :slight_smile:
  1. This is my job at the moment, and I am failing miserably it seems. :slight_smile: I promise it is being worked on, I’m just working very slow at the moment.

  2. JOGL binding is not yet implemented.

  3. Volumetric fog is also not yet implemented, but is on the "todo" list.

    Always hate answering every question a person has in the negative. :slight_smile: I hope you stick around in any case.


Thanks for the reply, least I know where it stands :). I might just have to have a play. Any sign of a triangulator, like the opengl one? :slight_smile:

"mojomonk" wrote:
I hope you stick around in any case.

You say that now ... ;)


I’ve only been around here for a couple weeks… but I’ve seen enough to know that jME has a lot of potential (as well as a lot of really great stuff already).

The development team here is very active, very helpful, and seem to really know their stuff.

Just my “new guy” impressions, for what they’re worth.


Hi there,

I was playing with JME demos, I am very pleased with performance, but I noticed that you have much higher fps counts on demos than me. For example it looks like you have around 500 fps with terrain lens flare demo. What machine you were running these demos on? I am getting aroung 120 fps on my Athlon1800 GFTi4600 on winXP running JVM1.5beta, and latest LWJGL.


Many of the shots are done on P4 2+ GHz machines with Radeon 9600 or 9800XT cards. Similiar FPS has been reported on the GeForceFX 5600 and greater cards though. So, yeah, we use good cards for those shots, but they are not "the best" anymore. :slight_smile: