Quick Escape To Paradise

Looks appetizing, no?

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I don't quite get what this project is about from the blog… could you briefly describe it?

jjmontes said:

I don't quite get what this project is about from the blog... could you briefly describe it?

surely :)

It is to be a world editor where any and all can make an account and login to "their" city (any city of their choosing)..  Once inside, there are a number of things one can do:

  • Simply fly around and explore

  • Suggest new designs for current buildings...  You can go totally wild or keep it conservative (can be imported from Sketchup, Maya, Blender, etc)

  • At the creator's choosing, models can be made public to be seen by all throughout Betaville who can then vote and comment on it, as well as branch off and create their own interpretation of what the creator has begun working on

  • The application has a number of different modes for showing these user created designs.  You can see the city in an un-altered form, or with the most popular designs included, or the most recent, or from your own "favorites" list

I hope that sheds some light on the project on a grand scale..  Feel free to throw any questions my way.