Quick help with jme-networking(hopefully)

I tried to follow the getting start(http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=eclipse_guide_to_jgn) and i think i did everything in here http://javagn.org/wiki/GettingStarted (might have done something wrong), but once again i seem to fail at following direction T_T

I have 47 error left(down from 3000ish w00t) and the problem seems to be that i can't import com.captiveimagination.jgn.synchronization (which makes sense, since i don't have it… as a matter of fact, i only have com.captiveimagination.jmenet and com.captiveimagination.jmenet.flagrush is that normal?)

So, any ideal what i forgot or did wrong?

Thanks for your time

edit: after searching on trac (http://www.javagn.org/browser/jgn/trunk/src/com/captiveimagination/jgn?rev=1168), it seems i am missing alot of file.  Must i download them all manualy(please say no) or is there a way with Subversion(or any way that does not involve me clicking "save as" more than 50 time)?

I'll work with you here to get it resolved, but you have to update the wiki after you've determined what's wrong. :wink:

Usually I simply go into "SVN Repository Explorer" in Eclipse and navigate through the SVN repository until I get to the "trunk" of the project (in this case it would be /core/trunk) and then right-click on it and say, "Checkout".  It should come up with a screen asking whether you should use the new project wizard or create a new simple project (something like that…don't have it in front of me). Choose the new project wizard, choose Java Project, then check-out.  After you've checked the project out expand the "lib" directoy in the Package Explorer, right-click on "magicbeans.jar" and click "Build Path -> Add to Build Path".  That will hopefully get JGN to compile properly.  If you can get that far you can almost directly replicate the same functionality to get jME-Networking set up.  You will also need to right-click on the project (in Package Explorer), go to Java Build Path, and under the Projects tab add both jME and JGN in order to get it to build properly. From there you should be able to run all the examples without issue.

Drop another message here if you have any problems.

the problem was that i dint add the JGN to the project, works fine now!

taking me a while to update the wiki, but it will be done soon!