Quicker quick start guide

So the thing that I got caught off guard with was on which jars I needed to get started.

The guide states that you should get the lemur and lemur-proto jars… cool. Then you need

  • Guava
  • slf4j AND an adapter for your prefered logging framework.

The second part I mean I get… but doesn’t really point me towards anything. I’d say that for the quick start it should list out exactly which jars you need to get this thing started.

  • groovy-all-.jar
  • guava-.jar
  • slf4j-simple-.jar
  • slf4j-api-.jar ← This was the one that hung me up.

And of course

  • lemur-.jar
  • lemur-proto-.jar

Just a thought.

Yeah, one tricky part is that if those projects change their distributions then my documentation becomes wrong again. By linking to the actual projects, I hoped that people would be able to find what jars they need there.

I should probably mention groovy-all to save folks some time, though. And maybe provide an example of what I mean by the different larger items. I just worry people will read my recommendations and ignore the project recommendations and we are back where we started.

I do also need to add a gradle/mvn setup section to that page. It’s the easiest way as it downloads dependencies automatically. I will leave the manual docs because not everyone uses the more advanced build tools like gradle. Also, it’s a nice indicator (to me) when a project has few external dependencies. (Always fun to find some string utils library only to discover it downloads half the internet in dependencies.)

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Ah. Gotcha. Not a bad plan I think. But what about just listing the exact versions? Would Lemur benefit from some of the latest features of those libraries? Cuz otherwise I don’t think you’d need to stay on the cutting edge except for say any security reasons which don’t really apply.

BUuuuuuuuuuuut whatever. That was just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, in any case, I want to make getting started as smooth as possible. So I’m definitely taking all of this into consideration.

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I don’t know if this goes far enough:

Appreciate any feedback.

Yup. Much more clear :slight_smile: Nice work!

Oh awesome. Another GUI thingy. Looks better than Nifty too.

I’ve never heard of Lemur before clicking this thread but it looks better than my text based bullsh*t, so you will shortly have another Lemur user.

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