R.I.P jME3

After the announce of Java being no longer supported, all the supporters of jME3 stopped working on it, and went to play some wow or worked on Unity or something.

RIP jME3, it died on 4/1/18 :frowning:


yeah died on the 1. april :smile:

Also, here is some evidence of this :frowning:

I see weโ€™re not doing jPonyEngine this year :smile:


mitm farts in Dgames_Crew direction.

Dgames_Crew is enveloped in a greenish cloud.

float Dgames_Crew_HEALTH = 0;

What, is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallooow?

African or European?

Hmm I donโ€™t know that. Aaaahhhhh