I miss nested threads. Our old forum had them.

…but I don’t miss them enough to leave and I don’t have time to add “yet another web site to check every day” to my list of sites.

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The biggest advantage I can think of is the fact that having some reddit pressence may result in more people finding this engine.

I’m not entirely sure how reddit works (I don’t have an account for it and only browse a few sub reddits) but from what I see its easy for a post on one subreddit to be shared to others.

Because of this I would be in favor of having a subreddit ESPECIALLY if posts containing images inside the monthly showcase threads get automatically shared with said subreddit.

However, I do also agree that having yet another place where people go for support is problematic. So, if the subreddit can just be used as an extra place to view what people do with the engine and some minor discussion that would be the best

Just make a sticky/pinned/whateveritscalled post on reddit that everyone should refer to the forum for support and problem hopefully solved. Reddit is best for image/gif posts anyway, since people rarely bother to click on the post to read text, but they do see the attached image.

Yep that sounds about right. Or adding the top Home|Forum|Wiki|etc. bar to the subreddit as well.

That is possible via (most simply) a python script using the reddit api wrapper. It would need a host to run from however.