Rabbit's Fury is selected for World Summit Award Global Contest 2011

Here is what I’ve got today afternoon. :smiley:

“Dear Mr. Quazi Irfan,

We are happy to inform you that your project Rabbit’s Fury, has been nominated for the World Summit Award Global Contest (www.wsis-award.org) by Mr. Ananya Raihan, WSA Expert Panel Member 2011, as the best e-Content example in e-Entertainment & Games from Bangladesh.”

I submitted this game for “National Digital Innovation Award 2011” which being hosted by “Ministry of Science and ICT, Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.”

From all the participents from our country, among the very top, only 8 are going to be selected, which will be sent per-catagory for International Submission. Rabbit’s Fury is selected on “e-Entertainment & Games”. The result has not be officially published yet in our country, but, they let these 8 project owners know that they has been selected for the international round, and they have to fill up the form within a very short time. Waiting for our local announcement(Gala Award Ceremony) will be too late for International Submission.

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Man, awesome!! Congrats :smiley:

Congratulations!! :wink:

Great news. Congrats !! :slight_smile:

:smiley: thanks all :smiley: