Racing dynamic camera

Hello !

I am trying to create 3rd person camera for racing game. By dynamic I mean delayed smooth rotating alogn Y axis, something like game Flatout has.
Check video:

At first I tried attaching camera to carNode, but it was copying position and rotation exactly. So then I tried cameraNode with custom computed position but I had problem with rotation to car.

Do you have any idea how can be that type of camera done ?

Thank you for any reploes.

Maybe you should check out the “jme math for dummies” doc, after reading that it should be a breeze to rotate and twist vectors to position the cam all the way you want :slight_smile: A good hint is to work with direction and position vector instead of trying to deal with rotations which quickly bring you to topics like gimbal lock etc.

Thank you. I managed to do it, probably not the best and most efficient way, but it works.

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