Ragdoll at death

I try to add a ragdoll behaviour for an enemy at its death. The first thing I noticed is that with adding a KinematicRagdollControl I just get about 7 fps? I’ve got no idea why… And the second thing is that my model has a real weird behaviour once I set RagdollMode to true. I can’t really describe it, the bones just spin around and fly around and so on. That’s the code I’m using so far:

[java]KinematicRagdollControl ragdoll = new KinematicRagdollControl(0.5f);
Node n = (Node) enemy;
Node metarig = (Node) n.getChild(“metarig”);
Node pelvis = (Node) metarig.getChild(“Pelvis”);
Node polySurface1 = (Node) pelvis.getChild(“polySurface2.006-entity”);
Node polySurface2 = (Node) polySurface1.getChild(“polySurface2.006-ogremesh”);

At the death of the enemy I just set RagdollMode to true.