Ragdoll + attachment node


I’ve noticed (it’s difficult not to) that the heads of my soldiers don’t follow the ragdoll very well (they’re “attached”). So i set up a little test with sinbad, attaching a cube to his hand bone. It seems attachment nodes follow the ragdoll somewhat, but possibly rotating in the wrong direction.

Is this something that could be looked into?



i’m gonna test

ok…actually, attached geometries are not taken into account when building the ragdoll.

It’s only based on the skeleton’s bones…

I’m gonna try to add support for attached geometries

Ok the attached Node should now follow the bone transforms to which it’s attached.

But it’s not really part of the ragdoll since it has no collision shape.


(I was expecting an email notification, hence the delay in replying)

Awesome! Thanks alot, just what i’m looking for.