Any tutorial how to do rain?

How to do it “globally”?

or just change position of particleemitter to be always “near” camera?

any ideas how to do it properly? :slight_smile:

I did very simple rain effect with a few particle emitters with no issues. I did try moving them with the camera but because my game is quite fast paced, it didn’t work well, the player could easily get ahead of the rain particles (because once spawned the particles dont track with the emitter) - i guess a larger emitter or higher gravity could have helped - still tweaking, easy enough to work around.

If you are interested in going beyond simple falling rain particles (eg drops, streams, mist, puddles, streaking reflections etc), I recommend having a good look at ATI: Toy Shop - it’s an excellent spot to get started :wink:

So a simple particle emitter should be perfectly fine for simple application, you can ramp it up from there dependant on your requirements.




thank you for great answer :slight_smile:

it shouldn’t be that fast paced. so i can try use this near camera first and look how it work :slight_smile: