Sometimes when I make a post, I wander off topic and ramble a little bit. So as a mildy amusing (read not really at all) side, I sometimes end those sometimes rambles with a call to the method endRamble(); However it seems to me that something like a ramble should be cast as a class and as such I have upgraded my ramble method into it’s own awesome class. Since none of you know me and are therefore dying to, I figured I should let you all know. Now you do. Use this knowledge wisely.


Immediately after posting it occurred to me that the ramble class might benefit greater use and efficiency modifying it to extend AppState. Done. Feel free to use this class with unlimited potential and infinite uses. Beware, however, of lesser intelligences who do not fully comprehend what you are trying to attempt and cast you in the light of a witch. You can try assuring them that this is not magic but it is unlikely the peons will understand the concepts you are trying to convey. Concepts such as a way to prove you are not a witch without first drowning you will be foreign to these people. Do not get angry with them. Pity them and vow to do good and one day find a way to elevate their collective status in life. Uplift them if you will. Until then, stay out of pitchfork range.


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