Random freezes

My jME keeps freezing at random times

It just freezes, and then i have to reboot to shut it down.

I am running under Ubuntu 10.04

Help please

http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/jmonkeyplatform/forum/topic/sceneviewer-freezes/ - this is the same thread.

1 reset all windows. It will freeze JMP – just kill JMP.

2 undock scene viewer and close it. Open the scene viewer only when you need to make something with models.

hope it will help.

Also have a try to run JMP from console.

The sceneviewer is not the problem

It’s the whole jME that freezes, therefore i can’t close it properly without rebooting, so i don’t think your solutions will work.

Are you using Java 6 or Open JDK?

Have a try to switch to Java 6.


Also, switch compiz off.

I am using Sun Java 6, so I’ll try to switch off Compiz.