Random game idea stuff

I’m away from home for the holidays, so no work has been done on Lexicon (my game) for a bit. However, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and here’s some ideas I have for the next version. Feel free to steal these ideas and mess with them as you please!

-Currently, the player’s helmet follows the camera’s movement. This makes the player’s helmet seem glued to the player’s head, as well as making it very static as far as being a helmet goes. So I’m thinking of doing something like making the mouse movement rotate the helmet, and making the helmet a physics object, so explosions and stuff like that will jerk the view around. My thought is to create a class that extends RigidBodyControl and call it HelmetControl or something. Mouse movement sets a Vector3f that controls the current direction the user is looking. When an explosion happens, the helmet will be blasted away, but will be interpolating back to this Vector3f so the player doesn’t get entirely disoriented. As for camera movement, interpolate the camera (very closely) behind the helmet and voila!

-Also, along with the new weapon system, I want to add arms to the equation. Currently, I’m thinking spawning a ragdoll, making the helmet of said ragdoll the helmet from above, and having controls for the arms. Each weapon will have a handle point, and a second vector for where the other hand is. This second vector will move a lot (for reloading, cocking the weapon, etc.) and I’ll just continuously interpolate the physics location of the hand to this point (unless the hand is at the point or very close to at the point).

-About the new weapon system, I’ll be trying to add customizable colors. Each part will be customizable, or you can customize the gun as a whole. Each part has 3 color layers: main, secondary, detail. Still toying with how I’ll do this. I’m thinking I’ll need a custom matdef that takes the 3 maps, tints them the selected color, and adds them together in the right order.

Just some of the randoms going through my head as of late. :smiley: