Random Terrain

Hello Java Monkey community, I would like some help with randomly generating terrain, and the camera walking not flying. First I would like to have building be randomly generated (which i made in google sketchup) and be placed randomly with terrain and have collision with wall and floor and the terrain. Second I would like a camera in first person with no character model to “walk” around the map that does not fly and collides with everything. Thank you if you can help :slight_smile:

Whoops I meant building generated along with the terrain.

Everything you need, assuming you can program Java already, is in the tutorials.


Please do them all, from start to finish. All of them.

this is how u need to make it:

  1. generate terrain with hill or noise + add physics
  2. raycast at random position ti find height and place building + add physics
  3. add charcontrol
    if need help pm me :slight_smile: