Randomly passing through RigidBodys

Hi guys!

I’m working on a jmonkey game and i’m using bullet’s native library and i have a big problem…That’s the code i use for map’s spatial and physics:

        //Terrain geom
        Spatial map = getAM().loadModel("Models/map.mesh.xml"); 

        //Terrain Physics
        terrain_phy=new RigidBodyControl(0f);

The problem is that sometimes the player can pass through the map just like it has no physics and maybe go under the world,and then while(true) fall;

Here’s a video: - YouTube

This happens randomly an i can’t understand how this bug works. Does somebody have my same issue?

I guess your terrain have really large triangles which does not work so good in Bullet.

Ok thanks,i’ll try and then tell you what’s going on :stuck_out_tongue: