Hey all!

I just done with a little something I needed and figured I’d make it available as an addition to JME.

On the NOAA/GLOBE website you can get DEM data sets in binary form.

I’ve included a data set (Germany) along with the RasterHeightMap class and a Test application.

The other thing of note is that I resample the data for whatever size mesh you want using bilinear interpolation. Thus a non-square data set can still be used by TerrainPage.

This technique could be leveraged for the RAW and ImageBased Height Maps too.

Enjoy and commit at your leasure: Rasterterrain.zip

I think this should go to the CVS  :smiley:

duenez said:

I think this should go to the CVS  :D

couldn't it be integrated into lamas terrain engine instead/also

I don't have a hat in the ring one way or the other… free use man, yeah!

I cant seem to get around this error message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.SecurityException: class "com.jmex.terrain.util.AbstractHeightMap"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package

Any tips?

Odd, I've just provided source files, there's no security info there ;).

You might try a full rebuild. Eclipse Menu->Project->Clean?

I cant get it to work, I assume its clashing with the com.jmex.terrain.util.AbstractHeightMap I have in my jme jar directory.  I donno I'm not good with the packages/etc, I'm a coder dammet!  Hey can someone post a screenshot of what this thing looks like so I know if its something I should work harder to get going?