Ray picking bug?

I am getting an IndexOutOfBoundsException when doing a ray picking through an OGRE mesh inside a WireBox

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: 24

at java.nio.DirectShortBufferU.get(Unknown Source)

at com.jme3.scene.mesh.IndexShortBuffer.get(IndexShortBuffer.java:25)

at com.jme3.collision.bih.BIHTree.<init>(BIHTree.java:67)

at com.jme3.collision.bih.BIHTree.<init>(BIHTree.java:91)

at com.jme3.scene.Mesh.createCollisionData(Mesh.java:423)

at com.jme3.scene.Mesh.collideWith(Mesh.java:434)

at com.jme3.scene.Geometry.collideWith(Geometry.java:200)

at com.jme3.scene.Node.collideWith(Node.java:496)

at com.jme3.scene.Node.collideWith(Node.java:496)

I did a bit of investigation, and found that the BIHTree class incorrectly assumes the Mesh is using Triangle mode. The Wirebox is using Line mode, and here goes the exception.

Is this a new issue or it has been reported before? I did some search and didn't find any results.